April 18, 2024 7:00 PM
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Everblock flooring
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EverBlock Debuts Flooring Modules

by Aleta Walther

EverBlock Systems has unveiled a new portable flooring line that is as durable and easy to install as its popular interlocking building blocks; EverBlock Flooring. Both EverBlock Flooring and EverBlock Building Blocks are used for creating modular structures, temporary walls and room dividers, furniture, retail displays, event backdrops and trade show exhibits, raised platforms and runways, game courts, dance floors and so much more.

The floor modules are made of polypropylene plastic and interlocking like the company’s original building blocks. When paired with EverBlock’s building blocks, the flooring modules provide continuity across a display or structure, a one-stop design and construction concept.

Everblock FlooringEverBlock Systems, LLC, is the world’s fastest and most flexible modular building system for designing and constructing all kinds of objects and event decor. Arnon Rosan, the company’s founder, was a pioneer in the development of the modular flooring industry and designed the world’s most widely used modular flooring and roadway systems. He is listed on multiple global patents related to interlocking flooring design and process and is a recognized leader in the industry.

“Using a specialized lug system our flooring interconnects with our block walls, thereby creating a raised stage or platform that people can stand on,” says Mark Barry, sales executive for EverBlock Systems.  “The flooring is resistant to scuffing and scratches and can easily withstand 40 to 60 pounds per square inch compressional strength, making the flooring ideal for auto show platforms and more.”

The building blocks and flooring modules blend seamlessly, thereby maintaining a consistent theme or branding throughout a structure. Like its modular building blocks, EverBlock Flooring is reconfigurable, reusable and come in array of colors, including realistic simulated wood and turf.

“The blocks are just one part of the overall modular system we want to offer our customers,” says Barry. “The idea is to connect the blocks to the floor, thereby allowing for the flexibility to customize colors in the floors to match the building blocks; for example, to match a company’s corporate colors, theme or branding.”

Based in New York City, EverBlock Systems, LLC. manufactures, sells, and rents the modular building blocks and flooring systems globally through a world-wide network of agents, dealers, renters, and distributors. For more info, visit www.everblockflooring.com or call, (844) 422-5625.


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