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Over the last few months, tradeshow and exhibition companies have introduced a number of new products and services to the industry. This merchandise ranges from customizable flooring to silicone adhesive snap fasteners.

Brumark Flex FloorBrumark introduces new custom-printed flooring
Brumark has introduced FlexFloor Clear Choice, a new exhibit and event flooring product where images of virtually any size are printed on the back of clear, rollable vinyl flooring for maximum protection and image life. This durable, reusable flooring is 10 feet wide for fast roll-out and dismantle.

FlexFloor Clear Choice is available in four texture options and a convenient portable solution, FlexFloor Clear Choice to Go. In addition to event and exhibit flooring, FlexFloor Clear Choice can be used for dance floors, point-of-purchase runners at retail, floor protection, stage covers, anti-fatigue mats and more.

YKK Snap Fasteners America unveils SNAD Snap Components
The SNAD snap components product line by YKK Snap Fasteners America (YSU) have a unique dome shape, and can come in either an automotive grade of plastic or a flexible base silicone. They also contain a pad of 3M, VHB acrylic conformable foam adhesive on their underside, which enables them to stick to most high-energy surfaces including those where it is impossible to drill a hole.

No tools, power or special skills are required. All one must do is simply clean the surface to which the snap is to be applied, peel off the protective paper backing, position and firmly hold the snap in place and release.

The plastic snap fasteners and the flexible base silicone adhesive snap fasteners can be used together. The plastic snap fasteners are designed to stick to flat surfaces, while the flexible base silicone adhesive snaps work best on convex and concave surfaces found in many show booth designs. The flexible base silicone snaps also attach to layered surfaces where different levels of framing come together.

ExpoDisplays launches new LP Canopy/Light SystemCanopy Light
Combined with the existing ET Canopy/Light System, MultiQuad exhibitors now have two choices for adding tension fabric canopies and lights. The LP Canopy/Light System installs with no tools and mounts flush against the top of the MultiQuad for a sleek, low-profile appearance. As with the ET system, the LP version offers built-in lighting that shines down on the MultiQuad wall. The LP Canopy/Light system offers a variety of sizes, starting at 23 inches wide for single MultiQuad towers and up to 115 inches to cover an entire 10-foot display. Canopies can be combined together to cover any length MultiQuad Exhibit System.

The lights are integrated into the frame allowing for a self-contained design. The canopies not only polish the look of the MultiQuad exhibit, but are lightweight, rigid and highly portable. LP Canopy/Light Systems pack into 2-by-4 boxes and cases for easy transporting and shipping.

Poster SnapperSignPro Systems introduces poster snapper hanging rail
SignPro Systems, a signage division of the Orbus Exhibit & Display Group, has announced a new signage solution, the Poster Snapper Hanging Rail. This poster hanging solution offers adjustable hanging clips that slide along the top rail to match desired spacing. The hanging clips feature both top opening for clear nylon line mount, and recessed pocket for S-hook suspension.

The Poster Snapper has four standard lengths; 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch, with custom lengths available up to 60 inches. The aluminum rails snap open and shut for quick graphic changes.

Gatorfoam expands exterior line Gatorfoam
3A Composites USA has expanded its line of Gatorfoam Exterior, a tough new Gator board that is designed to stand up to the elements in exterior graphic displays and signage. Gatorfoam Exterior now is available in the Bright White color in 48-inch by 96-in sheets in the 1-inch, 1.5-inch and new 2-inch thicknesses.

Gatorfoam Exterior offers all of the features of Gatorfoam, which consists of polystyrene foam bonded between two layers of wood-fiber veneer laminate. This construction makes Gatorfoam rigid yet lightweight and warp-resistant; its surface is also smooth and strong, offering superior dent and scratch resistance.

To enhance its weather performance, Gatorfoam Exterior is manufactured with a specially formulated adhesive that improves both bond strength and moisture resistance. This adhesive reduces the chance of delamination when Gatorfoam Exterior is exposed to outdoor conditions, including heat, cold and humidity. Gatorfoam Exterior has been tested in temperatures ranging from minus 70 degrees to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and in the combination of high heat and humidity (100 F with 95 percent relative humidity).

This glue formulation has been improved even further over 3A Composites’ original offering of Gatorfoam Exterior earlier this year. The enhanced adhesive does not now “yellow” over time.

CDS unveils mobile suite of products
Convention Data Services (CDS) recently unveiled a new mobile suite of products that provides complete mobile functionality for an audience on the go. These new products offer a comprehensive solution that provides instant access to event information for attendees, exhibitors and event managers.

“This new generation of mobile products is the most extensive and powerful solution that we’ve ever offered to our clients,” said David Lawton, EVP of sales and marketing for Convention Data Services. “These products will enhance the entire event experience and provide complete mobile access from start to finish.”

CDS’ mobile suite of products includes Mobile RRC (Registration Resource Center), Mobile Inquiry, Mobile eReports, LeadApp version 2 and Tablet Registration.

Mobile RRC is available on a mobile optimized website which gives attendees instant access to their registration record and event information on their smartphones. Mobile Inquiry lets event managers build attendance for next year’s event while registrants are onsite and fully engaged. Mobile eReports gives event managers access to CDS’ event reporting system—X•Press Reports. LeadApp version 2 provides a complete lead retrieval solution, and tablet Registration is available with all tablet-ready registration pages.

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