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MultiQuad is a lightweight, reconfigurable exhibit system consisting of aluminum frames covered with interchangeable square panels called Quads.

On Feb. 11, its 40 year anniversary, ExpoDisplays launched a revolutionary cash trade-in program for MultiQuad exhibit system owners called Redeem for Green that allows MultiQuad owners to sell components back to ExpoDisplays for up to 20 percent of manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Redeem for Green is available on all registered MultiQuad purchases starting Feb.1, as well as to existing MultiQuad owners who purchased since Oct. 1 and register for the free program.

The Redeem for Green idea originated from ExpoEarth, ExpoDisplays’ internal green committee.

“The greenest tradeshow exhibits are those that never enter a landfill,” said Beth Stringer, ExpoEarth committee chairperson. “Now, if an exhibitor no longer needs some or all of a MultiQuad, they can sell it back to us for re-use or recycling.”

Stringer points out that Redeem for Green also answers the age-old exhibitor question of “What do I do with my exhibit now that I no longer need it?”

“Now we have the answer,” Stringer said.

“Most exhibitors, if given the choice, would go with environmentally-friendly exhibits,” Jay Burkette, vice president of sales. “But the problem has been that it costs more money to go that route. Now, exhibitors can be green and get paid to do it. That’s a great selling feature for any type of product and exhibits should be no different. In my 26 years in the business, this is the first time I’ve seen a manufacturer offer to repurchase portable/modular products. It is a revolutionary idea in our industry.”

ExpoDisplays, founded in 1970, is a portable/modular tradeshow exhibit industry with over 150 Authorized Distributors worldwide.



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