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Freeman, a global partner for integrated marketing solutions for live engagements, announced the introduction of Presentation Management 5.0, a newly-enhanced version of its popular Presentation Management tool.

Created specifically with meeting planners and presenters in mind, PM 5.0 features a completely redesigned look and technology upgrades that provide concierge-level support before, during and after an event. The refreshed tool provides users with instant, comprehensive and intuitive access to content and electronic materials for training sessions, seminars and other similar events and can fully integrate content with other digital service offerings including digital signage and event capture.

PM 5.0 users will now have access to Sightline, a landmark iPad application that provides secure, easy access to Presentation Management. Sightline further simplifies the PM process and helps organize and manage materials for event managers and speakers alike. The application eliminates the need to carry paper documentation and allows for real-time visibility into meeting rooms, access to speaker and session information and management of presentation-related tasks.

“Our goal for PM 5.0 is to provide a whole new level of assurance and confidence to presenters and meeting coordinators,” said Norm Woods, director of digital services and product manager for presentation management, Freeman. “PM 5.0 helps to make the Presentation Management process as seamless as possible for our customers – helping them manage content from the moment that first slide is loaded into the tool all the way through to sharing content after that last slide is presented on the show site.”

Putting the control back in the hands of users, Presentation Management 5.0 not only features Sightline, but also includes:

  • Enhanced pre-event process management and coordination
  • Presenter View shows the presenters exactly what needs to be completed upon login
  • Seamless Disclosure Management through editing and reviewing functionality added directly to the PM portal
  • Customized communications, providing tools and related instructions for users on how to promote their upcoming presentations publicly
  • Multi-presenter sub-session collaboration, allows multiple presenters to work within the same console for optimal efficiency
  • Unmatched live and show-site capabilities
  • Reduced risk with show-site server locations, redundant hardware and backups, and automatic content push to meeting rooms
  • Separation of Presenter and Audience View, allows the speaker to view notes and other content on screen while the audience sees only the intended presentation content
  • Moderator Tool, which lets the moderator manage the entire session experience, from loading presentations to recording disclosures and monitoring speaker availability
  • Auto Translation translates content into any language, with Spanish and French translation options standard on PM
  • Show operator Dashboard allows for real-time communication between meeting coordinators and session moderators to address room-specific needs

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