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Düsseldorf, Germany, is known for major outdoor summer festivals, and the annual China Fest has established itself in the city’s line up of events.

ECN 072014_INT_German city_China city event 1The theme of the fourth annual China Fest on Sept. 6 is a celebration of the city of Chongqing, with many attendees and performers from Chongqing and beyond. China Fest 2014 is organized by Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH on behalf of the city of Düsseldorf.

China Fest is a recent addition to Düsseldorf’s extensive calendar of outdoor festivals and events on the Rhine River and has quickly established itself as a real highlight.

The festival is a celebration of Chinese culture and the influence of the Chinese on Düsseldorf and the region – more than 300 Chinese companies are located here, and around 2,700 Chinese live and work in the city – and offers an exotic and fun-packed day of performances, exhibits, food and entertainment from modern and traditional Chinese culture.

ECN 072014_INT_German city_China city event 2This year’s fest theme is the 10th anniversary of the partnership between Düsseldorf and Chongqinq in western China, to celebrate the economic, cultural, educational and scientific ties formed over the past decade.

Chongqing is considered one of China’s most important commercial centers as Düsseldorf is in Germany, with the most dynamic growth rate.  Numerous guests from Düsseldorf’s “twin” city are expected to attend the festival and participate in the day’s program.

Düsseldorf’s tourism office is offering hotel and city specials for many of the city’s events throughout 2014, including China Fest 2014.

The package, called “Düsseldorf à la Card,” can be booked right from the tourism office’s website at https://www.duesseldorf-tourismus.de/en/accommodation/hotel-packages/duesseldorf-a-la-card/.

For more information about China Fest 2014 and Düsseldorf, visit www.visitduesseldorf.de.

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