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Greetings to readers everywhere!

Ever so swiftly the New Year has arrived: Hello 2011!

In immediate retrospect, it seems as if 2010 will be looked at as a key year for companies to introduce their leaner, reformatted selves. After rethinking customers new needs and direction, many companies in all sectors made adjustments, if not complete overhauls. It takes a year-to-year snapshot to be able to compare the before-and-after.

Comfortable in their new skin?

Although not dramatic in its own sense, while some sectors remain hurting (I&D sector for example), the industry as a whole settled into a new norm during 2010. Even if growth was not dramatic, it was solid enough to give a little momentum to already existing optimism. I think 2011 will continue to see some fallout, as internal economic conditions play out and competitors in tight markets are overbuilt and still adjusting. Meanwhile, most companies that made it through the long dark tunnel will see moderate and solid growth.

We also expect new companies to emerge in many sectors. Idle talent will still strive to make a better mousetrap…or introduce the next wonder gizmo that will make life better for exhibitors and/or the companies that service them.

After seventeen years of publishing, my yearly forecasts are no clearer than when I began, but I have been right before!

Don Svehla
Group Publisher



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