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Greetings to readers everywhere!

People, People, EVERYWHERE!

If there is a central theme to this month’s print edition, it’s people. People are on the move as our industry continues its metamorphosis into what it will become. This is in addition to the, hopefully temporary, contraction by our industry workforce – with suppliers included to be about 30 percent. It’s forcing many to explore new career paths depending on where job openings exist – and job openings do exist.

Times like these bring out the ingenuity in people. I do not believe ingenuity runs evenly across time and space. I think it comes in bursts and droughts. Sometimes a drought, only in retrospect, was the time needed for the gathering of energy to move forward in new directions, using new and refreshing methods.

Just as exhibit designers sketch out an exhibit design on a napkin so is the same for the birth of new ideas, concepts and approaches, which, in turn, transform into new companies, new industry sectors and new, hopefully high-paying, jobs for the future of our industry.

Also in this edition: will the storm clouds dicipate over the Chicago tradeshow world? See “Perfect storm hits Chicago” for the latest.

Our other cover feature, “Industry peeps connect using LinkedIn,” discusses the use of new technologies in our daily lives.

On the “B” cover, we interview one of our industry’s female leaders, Shana Carr of MC2, in addition to taking ECN readers to Bahrain, where Lea International plays a key role in the kingdom’s first International Air Show.

Thats it for now – until spring. We’ll see you on the Web!

Don Svehla
Group Publisher

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