May 29, 2024 7:36 PM
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Guru report expedites space allotment

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) announced the release of two new industry reports.

The first is a Guru Report: Space Allocation Methods for Exhibitions and Events, written by Randy Bauler, CEM, and sponsored by the Exhibition Services & Contractors Association. This new report outlines some of the more common exhibit space allocation methods employed by organizers of exhibitions and events.

The second, Managing Exhibit Results for the Not-for-Profit Government Exhibitor: Building a Better Display, is the fifth and final report in a series aimed at educating the not-for-profit government exhibitor on how to plan and build a successful exhibiting program from start to finish. This report, written by Barry Siskind, addresses key criteria that a government exhibit manager should consider when undertaking the development of a display.

Other reports in the Not-for-Profit Exhibiting series
•   Government Exhibits: A Primer for Success
•   Managing Exhibit Results for the Not-for-Profit Government Exhibitor: Establishing and Curtailing Objectives
•   Managing Exhibit Result: Achieving Objectives and Measuring Outcome
•   Managing Exhibit Results: The Human Element

Both new reports are available at no cost to CEIR and IAEE members, $24 each for non-members, under the New Reports section on the CEIR Web site,


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