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Gwyneth Humphreys Scotland Full Circle
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Gwyneth Humphreys Named Director Full Circle Scotland

Heading up a brand-new operation in Scotland, Gwyneth Humphreys, will be joining Full Circle Scotland later this year, and her team will ensure all Scottish events can be fully serviced by a high-tech, local base.

Formerly of GES, Humphreys is a hugely experienced and greatly respected events director. She draws on 30 years of knowledge of the industry in Glasgow and is a true adopted daughter of Scotland. Full Circle’s founders, Steve Barratt and Helenya Jones, both worked alongside Humphreys as the first official contractors at the SECC when it opened and are delighted to be working closely with her once again.

“The new appointments and investments that Full Circle are making underscore its bullish instinct for 2021, when its knowledge and experience will be vital in rescuing aspects of the industry that are today under threat,” says Humphreys. “Full Circle intends to dedicate all of its energy to helping to make U.K. shows profitable and, in my case, I want to provide Scotland with the clear-thinking, trusted partner it sorely needs.”

As well as designing leading-edge new products, the company continues to advocate for closer relationships between organizers and contractors in order for event planners to unlock hidden commercial potential, and in today’s tough economic conditions, they believe this is needed now more than ever.

“You can’t put a price on knowledge and in this time of great commercial pressure, we are here to provide the supporting relationships that organizers and event planners need to get their shows back to good health.” says CEO Barratt.

After dedicating much of its stock to the Scottish Government’s NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital and continued contracts for testing sites over the summer, the company is now investing in brand-new systems to service the myriad of new event styles poised to come back.

“Hybrid events are a great opportunity for us to flex our creative muscles,” says Humphreys. “We have new systems and packages to suit events of all sizes and venues, and new partnerships with tech companies that can help deliver the digital aspects of all events. Our products already reflect the path forwards and allow planners to pivot seamlessly and quickly toward new innovation.”

Adds Barratt, “Full Circle represents the people who really care about steering the industry towards greater viability and growth. I want people to understand what a difference it can make to your bottom line when you pick up the phone to your contractor and get 30 minutes of the CEO or MD’s time.”

Full Circle is the U.K.’s largest end-to-end exhibition and event supplier. Principally run by Steve Barratt and Helenya Jones, it has bases in London, Manchester and Scotland and serves event organizers and planners with a full range of in-house services, giving maximum accountability and control over every aspect of your event. The pair launched Early Action Group in the 1980s before a period of consolidation and outside investment saw the U.K. industry change dramatically. Early Action Group sold to Opex in 2011, was bought by venture capitalists and renamed The SO Group in 2012 and finally became part of U.S. giant  Freeman Group in 2013. Recognizing the decline of some of the U.K.’s best-loved events, Full Circle is on a mission to repair the broken links between organizers and contractors and ensure vital knowledge stays in the industry and can be passed on. For more info, visit www.fullcircleeventsltd.co.uk

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