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On March 9, Chris Meyer, CEM, CMP, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority chairman of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) board of directors, announced that due to the explosive growth of social media networks, the organization’s launch a new Social Media Task Force.

The task force will be headed by Chris Brogan, president of New Marketing Labs, LLC of Canton, Mass. He is widely recognized as one of the premier thought leaders in the social media space.

Among the objectives of the IAEE task force is to develop best practices for the use of social media July 1 for both individual business communications and for the marketing and promotion of exhibitions and events.

“As is often the case with the introduction of new communications technologies, many people, including IAEE members, are both intimidated by the new media and also puzzled by questions involving how best to use each of the different social media networks,” Meyer said. “We think IAEE can be instrumental in making our members more confident about how to use the different networks and then more competent to include the networks in their own marketing and communications plans.”

“This is a terrific opportunity for IAEE to engage all of its own communications channels, including the social media we have been using, to help our members manage some new and challenging issues,” said Susan Brower, CMM, CCP, IAEE vice president, marketing and communications. “These are the kinds of things associations can do so well.”

The task force has also been charged with creating a White Paper tentatively entitled “How to Properly Use Social Media Networks to Enhance and Promote Your Event” due to be completed on or before Sept. 1.

Based upon the work of the task force, IAEE’s education department will be creating numerous learning opportunities using face-to-face as well as digital delivery formats.

“You can be certain that if someone in the industry wants to learn something about the use of social media, IAEE will be the place to find it,” said Jayne Rogers, IAEE director of learning experiences.

The task force also has been asked to provide learning content for IAEE publications including those situated at The International Center for Exhibitor and Event Marketing (www.iceem.net).

“This is an outstanding example of how IAEE and The Center are making it possible for exhibitors, event marketers and organizers to work hand-in-hand as we learn together how to best embrace this new and very dynamic technology,” said Doreen Biela, CEM, (McDonalds Corporation) vice-chair of The Center.

IAEE has invited a group of members who have early experience in the use of social media to join the task force as members. Anyone who wishes to volunteer for the effort is invited to contact Susan Brower at sbrower@iaee.com.

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