July 23, 2024 8:31 AM
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IAEE launches sales academy

The International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) announced in May it has created a new program focusing on sales strategies and training. The IAEE Sales Academy is a professional certificate program built on the renowned Sandler concept of incremental growth and change over time – supported by repetition, reinforcement and coaching.

The program consists of two parts including the Two-Day Boot Camp, where the IAEE Sales Academy addresses all three areas necessary for success: attitude, behavior and technique. The participant-centric boot camp – partly motivational, partly instructional – provides participants with the concept, knowledge and understanding of the topic as it applies to their selling environment. Through appropriate exercises, attendees will refine their sales-development plan, practice strategies and techniques in a safe environment, and develop their skills, before interacting with prospects and customers.

Psychological studies prove that memory fades very quickly. After even the most inspiring seminars, participants feel good and plan to put into action ideas they have heard, but within 48 hours most people can only remember a few one-liners and power phrases. As a result, no permanent change takes place in their performance or results. In the monthly 90-minute virtual learning labs following the boot-camp, participants will continue to reinforce the behaviors and techniques learned at the Academy to achieve lasting behavioral change and master new skills.

Those currently enrolled in the CEM Learning Program are eligible to earn 12 professional development hours by completing the IAEE Sales Academy. More information about the Sales Academy Professional Certificate Program is available at www.iaee.com/salesacademy.

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