June 18, 2024 4:28 AM
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In Memoriam: David Lage

by Christopher Ruvo, ASI

Indeed: Company leader, inventor, mentor, good friend – David Lage leaves an impressive legacy in the promo industry following his April 4th passing at age 86 after a battle with dementia.

David was the former president of Fenton, MO-based supplier Quick Point Inc. (asi/80150). He spent more than 25 years in promo, leading Quick Point to be among the largest suppliers in the space for a time.

Blessed with a mind for both business and invention, David spearheaded what Paul, his son, describes as the creation of dozens of products, including ones for which he filed patents, such as a double-edge envelope opener.

“These were the days when suppliers manufactured these products instead of importing them,” notes Paul, who followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a longtime industry executive and leader who earned the Counselor 2007 Person of the Year Award and the Counselor 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award. He’s currently on the board of supplier California Tattoos (asi/43530).

David also devoted himself to industry volunteer work and mentoring. For instance, he served on the board of directors of industry trade group Promotional Products Association International in the mid-1980s and was later named an honorary life member by the PPAI board.

“He loved all the relationships he made in the industry as many of these were some of his closest friends all the way to the end,” says Paul Lage. “Business was personal, not just business. He paved the way for me and many others.”

Before his time in promo, David Lage was a U.S. Marine – a distinction that defined his character. “He loved the country and supported the Corps in any way he could, volunteering and providing product,” Paul says. “God, family, friends and the Corps were his foundation in life.”

Read more on his personal tribute from his son here.

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