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MAGIC Displays Some of the World’s Finest Designs Feb. 21-23 – By Lucille Thaler and Tony Zanoff

magictradeshowconventionThe thrill of the fashion industry can only be surpassed when you actually see the newest designs that will be worn for the following season. The international contributions for the upcoming summer are simply fabulous! The best part is that they are coming into the stores right now!

Men’s suits and casual wear, women’s formal and everyday designs and children’s attire are an art form in itself. Many years of practice, apprenticeship and savvy go into the fashion industry, which ultimately predicts the newest, the best sellers and the most innovative creations from all over the globe – and world renowned designer contributions have always been the epitome of the fashionistas and set the trends for the rest of the world.  Name designers have the most sophisticated lines and the best workmanship and are incomparable anywhere. Italy, for example, is a leader in designs – in automobiles, furniture, hairstyles, and jewelry and the creative arts, as well as, apparel.

Some of the top influences are from Europe, the United States and Asia and are known for their elegance in line, form and execution of the designs. Men have always been proud to wear a Brioni suit, Ferragamo shoes and silk ties from Gucci.   Prada, Ferragamo, Gucci, Versace, Armani, Burberry and the return of Pucci are but a handful of the leaders whose designs adorn the models in GQ, Vogue, Bazaar and many other fashion oriented publications.   Fashion is big business, but it is a business that is ripe with glamour and illusion.  The name of the show – MAGIC – is perfect, although it actually stands as an acronym for the Men’s Apparel Guild in California.

MAGIC will be held this coming February 21-23 – for the spring/summer lines and designs – and again in August for the fall/winter shows.

The February show will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Sands Convention Center and the Mandalay Bay Convention Centers, simultaneously. Now is the time to ready yourself for the event if you are a buyer, storeowner, or independent designer, to prepare to attend this major trade event in the United States, in Las Vegas, the capital of conventions. The PROJECT sub-show of MAGIC, is the one for very avant-garde and street wear designs.  Many times what you see at PROJECT becomes the real trends for the future.

MAGIC was founded in 1933 and began as annual trade show to promote the fashion industry. It has evolved into the most comprehensive fashion show in the world and now includes men’s, women’s, children’s and accessory lines for every type of buyer.  This ranges from the latest trends to timeless standards and has the exposure to all the major retail buyers in the world.  It covers every category including designer, casual, street wear, active sporting clothing, and accessories and runs the gamut of an ever-changing industry.

A new item, called “smart fabric,” made its debut at a recent show. Fiber optics are woven into the textiles by a company called Luminex and this cloth literally creates MAGIC – for it lights up the room as the wearers make an entrance. LCD crystals then light a system of cabling with the fiber optics.  The intensity varies according to the environment and the social function where it will be worn by the fashionista.  It is not just for the night clubbing young, but also for everyone and is also used in sparkling accessories to create more MAGIC and illusion.  If the visibility is dim, the wearer brings a spotlight of their own into the room. Shawls, shirts and slacks all glimmer and sparkle creating a show of its own.  Jeans can become elegant enough for eveningwear with the use of this special and futuristic fabric. Naturally, the use of this fabric in costumes for performers and special event performances (concerts) will dazzle the audience as the performer moves across the stage.

Economically speaking, 40% of the European prices have risen with the widespread use of the Euro currency. This however, will not affect those who want the best to be had, at any cost.  This then will bring us to another area – the use of European, American and other international designs are then assembled in the Far East, to avoid an overpowering price tag on these garments and accessories. Always make sure that the country of origin is the same as where it is made if you are in the market for an authentic fashion.

Among the new trends is the return of the two-button, as well as the return of the double breasted suit for men made of 100% wool or other natural fabrics, with side vents for a smooth line. The look is stylish yet simple.  Trousers are branching out into all different looks – peg, loose, stovepipe, flat front, belted or non-belted.  For women, the real highlight that is already made its mark by storm is the skinny leg.  The skinny leg is then worn with a looser jacket or over-sized top to balance out the ensemble.  The wide leg of the 1970’s is making a fashion comeback as well!  This has been seen in the runway shows of the statement designer giants and has begun to be photographed and in the glossies fashion bibles recently.

Shoes can be flat, open sandals, heels slightly thicker or stiletto, and platform soles are back in vogue with a vengeance. Gucci has a rainbow platform that brings back the disco days of the uber high platform .The prices of footwear have skyrocketed and many people can now expect to pay $500 to $5500 for a designer original (Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Ferragamo, to mention but a handful of names).  If you are on a limited budget, the shoes that are in the middle price range may be designed elsewhere, but are assembled in China. You will still get the look of the moment, but you may have to sacrifice on the special workmanship that we have become accustomed to in fine footwear. Some companies, such as Donald J. Pliner, work both the luxury lines and the regular divisions in both genders.  Donald J. Pliner even has a local shop in The Forum Shoppes at Caesar’s to peruse and buy the latest looks!  Please take note, DJP designs seem to be seasonless and timeless while making a unique fashion statement.

Street Wear – and by that term the fashion industry refers to the inner city generated look that is so hot in tour current youth culture – was highlighted at recent shows. Many youngsters want the hottest threads that are being worn by their music idols.  The Baby Boomer generation takes these looks as their own, as well, as that generation has the cash to buy the looks of their youth and remain youth-oriented. The MAGIC show is the place to view the latest in Street Wear.

Sports apparel is still popular, as people like the look and comfort of athletic inspired gear. Licensed lines (NBA, NFL, MLB, college and universities, and many more) are ordered by not only sporting goods stores, but by the major department stores for their casual wear customers.  This fashion look is predominately displayed at the exhibitions. Today’s population of fashionable people and those who love their teams, also tend to purchase and wear with pride, their teams’ officially licensed wearables.  Hardly a day goes by when one does not see a team, or a specific player or their number, displayed on a garment.  With our new T-Mobile arena, sales should escalate even more with teams playing here and our newly franchised NHL team! Hopefully, our NHL team will be manufacturing their goods in Nevada, keeping the money in our state for finances to help our educational needs.

MAGIC brings a great deal of revenue and excitement to Las Vegas. Over the years, Las Vegas has become one of the famous places in the world to shop for unique and selective fashions.  What better place than Las Vegas, the new crossroads of the world, to have the semi-annual MAGIC show?  Everyone is highly anticipating the next MAGIC show in February of 2017.  Right now, we are ready and set to go shopping!  The current fashions will soon be in the stores for all to buy and wear and be in vogue.

Now, where are our charge cards? It’s time to shop for the spring and summer fashions that have had early arrivals in our favorite stores. Happy shopping for fashion statements everyone!!!

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