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McCormick Place webinar a hit

mccormickblastlogoThe International Center for Exhibitor and Event Marketing (The Center) offered a complimentary webinar to exhibitors and event marketers on July 29, 2010. Considered essential, Phase One of the new legislation implementation at McCormick Place was a success with more than 250 individuals having attended.

Presented by David Causton, McCormick Place’s general manager, the webinar clearly identified the key initiatives in Phase One which included the topics of standardized straight time, overtime and double time windows, expanded exhibitor rights, significant changes to Focus One, food and beverage pricing, automobile and small utility vehicle policy, and reduced crew sizes.

Plans for a webinar for Phase Two are in development and are to be announced early in the fall. The webinar and slides are available at www.iceem.net.

The Center offers free, monthly webinars to meet the evolving needs of exhibitors and event marketers.

The next webinar, offered on August 26, is titled Competitive Intelligence from an Exhibitor and Event Marketer Perspective. It will be provided by Jonathan Calof, associate professor of international business, University of Ottawa, and director of Canadian Institute of Competitive Intelligence.

The topic will reflect the competitive environment of the tradeshow and how to gather the maximum competitive information in the least amount of time.

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Dave Causton explains new rules about exhibiting at McCormick Place, now in effect for trade shows and exhibitors.

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