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Mike HohlnMG Design has announced that a new production manager has been promoted to oversee MG Design’s project management department, as well as the shop and warehouse.

Michael Hohnl has been with the MG team for more than nine years, beginning as a project manager and then an estimator.

Reporting to MG’s President John Patten, Hohnl will be offering the MG team leadership and continued improvement in process and procedures to anticipate MG Design’s continued growth.

“Hohnl’s team is comprised of talented professionals with tenure. Our people and our processes play a tremendous role in helping us to exceed client expectations. Michael clearly understands that and is committed to helping us continually push the bar,” said John Patten, president, MG Design. “Hohnl and team are on the front line ensuring that each project leaving the shop floor will arrive at the show floor as accurate as the approved client renderings. As we continue to grow, Hohnl’s management will help us stay efficient in our process and vigilant in our commitment to accuracy.”

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