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MMPI launches new mobile app in time for Chicago’s Gift Market

MMPI now offers a new free mobile application tool which will allow buyers and retailers an easy and convenient way to access The Chicago Market: Living and Giving® product locator using smart phone technology. This new online mobile app will allow buyers to take advantage of the benefits of the online product locator to search for showrooms, exhibitors, product lines and more using their smart phone.

This is an extremely versatile mobile app that will allow users of iPhones, Blackberrys, Droids and other smart phones to access show information from their phone instead of having to use a computer. It is perfect for pre-show planning during market to help buyers navigate and locate resources quickly.

Users will receive up-to-the-minute information about showrooms, exhibitors and product lines; including access to social media, national news and weather. 

“We are continually striving to incorporate the latest technology into our Chicago Market, to make it the best place to do business in the industry,” said Joan Ulrich, senior vice president, MMPI. “MMPI’s focus is to use this technology to create an environment where information can be shared and distributed easily to our buyers, exhibitors and showrooms. This new mobile app is a big part of this new environment. It is an invaluable tool that will allow buyers and retailers to maximize their time before and during our Market, and ensures everyone is sure to take full advantage of all the benefits the Market has to offer.”

“Ascend can always count on MMPI’s interest in new technology platforms,” said Maria Arnone, vice president, Media Development, Ascend Integrated Media. “Their tenants and exhibitors market products with a ‘glamour’ factor, and MMPI likes to offer them the newest options for them to connect with their buyers. Ascend now produces media for MMPI completely cross-platform; print, digital and mobile.”


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