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Moving Forward to an Uncertain, Yet Hopeful 2021…

by Mike Morrison, national sales director, WS Displays & co-host/producer of “The Don & Mike Show”

As I write this for 2021’s Exhibit City News, I have the sense that being able to pen this is more or less an article of accomplishment. When we all screamed “Happy New Year” for 2020 a year ago, we never realized that in most cases, we would see a year with everything BUT happy. No need to rehash the disappointments for the year 2020—we all remember them all too well. One of the positives (one of only a few, I must emphasize) was the record number of listens The Don and Mike Show podcast received in 2020. From the time we started in mid-2017 until the present, our show listens have seen a 10 to one increase for all episodes. The content for 2020, though dismal subjects at times, proved to be worthy of the listens and the feedback we have received from the shows.

As we move forward into an uncertain, yet hopeful 2021—the emotions still sit in a category of uncertainty. Will the industry come back? Will shows be reopened? Will travel bans be lifted or relaxed? Will civil unrest and election uncertainties bring to a halt any positives obtained and recover what the industries within live events need to see in 2021? A lot of questions here and more that will need to be answered and I envision our industry charging forward, yet cautiously, to avoid taking three steps forward and 1,000 backwards!

The Don and Mike Show plans to keep the interviews coming, staying on top of the industry’s developments and it is with a strong sense of hope that we will see an amazing rebound in 2021!
Happy New Year for 2021—hopefully this time it really will occur!

The Don & Mike Show can be heard on Fridays at TheDonAndMikeShow.net; ExhibitCityNews.com; Facebook (www.facebook.com/DandMshow); LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/groups/12096643/); Twitter (twitter.com/DonAndMikeShow1) and most all podcast platforms including iTunes, Google, Spotify and many others.

Mike Morrison is the national sales director for WS Displays as well as co-hosting and producing “The Don & Mike Show” podcast, now closing in on 200,000 listens. Contact him at thedonandmikeshow@gmail.com or mike@wsdisplay.com. For more info, visit TheDonAndMikeShow.net

This story originally appeared in the Jan./Feb. 2021 issue of Exhibit City News, p. 19. For original layout, visit https://issuu.com/exhibitcitynews/docs/ecn_jan-feb_2021

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