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The Academy for Venue Safety and Security (AVSS) released a new two-phase training program for crowd managers. The first phase is a self-paced, four hour, web-based training platform, available from the International Association of Assembly Managers (IAAM) website at www.IAAM.org. The second phase is a two-hour, venue-specific training and orientation available to venues for combination with standard annual or pre‐season guest services training. The total cost of the training is $15.

“The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) life safety code 101 requires at least one trained crowd manager for every 250 guests in public assembly venues,” said Harold Hansen, IAAM director of Life Safety & Security.

“This new code is currently in effect in 34 states and applies to stadiums, arenas, shopping malls, clubs, banquet halls and restaurants,” said Hansen. “To ensure that your venue meets NFPA code and that your guests, employees and venue are protected, AVSS is offering this web-based training program.”

According to Hansen, the trained crowd manager is designed provide for reasonably safe emergency and non‐emergency crowd movement in the event of an incident or emergency. The crowd manager will demonstrate an understanding of crowd dynamics; crowd management and crowd control techniques; venue services, seating configurations, fire protection equipment, and all venue policies and procedures, as well as be willing and able to notify authorities of an imminent or developing incident or emergency.

The trained crowd manager will also inspect and maintain the common paths of travel and appropriate means of outlet for their assigned area, as well as direct and assist venue occupants. Refresher training or re‐certification for crowd managers should be conducted every two years.


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