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Bill Carney, Lisa Boudreaux Carney, and Casey Hoyt VOXX
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Nimlok Louisiana becomes VOXX Exhibits

Pictured L-R: Bill Carney, Lisa Boudreaux Carney, and Casey Hoyt

Nimlok Louisiana, a Lafayette-based business providing exhibit solutions and design, storage options, and trade show services for more than 13 years, is now VOXX Exhibits. The re-named company continues to offer custom exhibit experiences and strategic consulting, but has expanded into providing emerging technology services to festivals, concerts and balls, along with consumer interactive environments for retail businesses as well.

The name change and expanded offerings into retail and festivals are part of a multi-phase, multi-year strategic digital transformation for the Louisiana-based company led by CRRNT, a Seattle-based accelerator agency. Rooted in the Latin word for “voice,” VOXX’s mission is to bring to life the unique voice of each business through strategically leveraging emerging technologies, like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented experiences, as well as interactive retail and large-format video installations.

VOXX amplifies the unique voice of brands by creating unique, dynamic environments for retail, exhibits, and festivals. The company offers a range of strategic and creative services including custom design, multi-touch, and video with smart animated content. “We create interactive experiences intended to ignite emotional connections between customers and brands by helping them cut through the noise and stand out,” says President and CEO Bill Carney (pictured above).

Carney purchased VOXX Exhibits from Casey Hoyt, who along with a committed team of employees and family, has helped grow the business for more than a decade. VOXX will be hosting a series of technology and industry trend events in the coming months focused on sharing the latest technologies and interactive experiences available to local and regional exhibit, retail and festival partners who want to stand out in an ever-changing marketplace.

VOXX Exhibits helps businesses create meaningful interactions with customers through innovative exhibits, retail environments and event installations. Based in Lafayette, La., VOXX combines years of expertise with industry-leading technological know-how to design custom, jaw-dropping experiences. For more info, visit www.voxxexhibits.com.


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