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UFI CEO Forum (UCF) and tfconnect’s Global Event Summit (GES) will merge, according to UFI, a global association for the exhibition industry, and tfconnect, a deliverer of events and event services.

“We have listened to the market; senior players have been telling us that there are too many industry events and that one CEO event would be the way forward – we agree!” said Paul Woodward, managing director, UFI.

2014 will be a transition year for the redefined event with a fully combined CEO program scheduled early in 2015.

The transition will mean that the Global Event Summit will no longer run in its early September slot, and beginning in 2015, the new CEO event will be held in the UCF’s traditional February slot. Further details will be revealed during the UFI Congress in South Korea next month.

“The focus for this merger has very much been on making sure that 1 + 1 is greater than 2!” said Trevor Foley, managing director, tfconnect. “We fully intend that the new event combines the best attributes of the two individual events.”

UFI and tfconnect are working together on the next UFI CEO Forum, scheduled Feb. 10-12, 2014 in Paris. Though time is short, elements of the Summit will already be combined during this UCF.

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