May 29, 2024 8:04 PM
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Pat Friedlander Celebrates 80 Years

By Sam Ogren, Exhibit City News

Called The Windy City, although having nothing to do with the weather. Or The Second City after being rebuilt after the Great Fire, skyline rising from ash.  Known as The City of Big Shoulders, there’s no other city that could be the hometown of Pat Friedlander.  She is the big shoulders so many of us, so much of our industry, stand upon today.

In her experiences – as a teacher, an organizer, a publisher, a nun – she’s lived more lives and history than we’ll ever know, each new career a Second City, rebuilt and renewed. As a writer, for countless publications (ECN proudly included), websites, clients, and blogs, she’s published more than all the “windy” Chicago politicians put together.  Quick with praise when it is deserved, and ready to call out stupid when it shows; if ever a person were a city, and a city, a person – that’s Pat and Chicago.

Friends and family recently celebrated the MVP’s (Most Valuable Pat) 80th Birthday at the Chicago Sports Museum. Surrounded by sports memorabilia and trophies of her beloved teams, we shared memories and lessons of her time at Giltspur, HCEA, Access TCA and her many mentorships.  It was a day to celebrate a giant at the center of our industry, in her metropolis in the middle of our country. And still, in the moment of blowing out the candle, she couldn’t help but to make a few more introductions between people – “You two. You need to talk. You can do big things together.”

“Come and show me another city with lifted head singing so proud to be alive and coarse and strong and cunning.” That’s Chicago. That’s Pat.  Happy Birthday, Pat.

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