July 23, 2024 7:31 AM
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Ask an Expert Calanit Atia
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PCMA Launches Project Spark

A Game-Changing AI Tool for Event Professionals

by Calanit Atia

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the tradeshow and events industry, the integration of cutting-edge technology has become instrumental for success. Recognizing the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) has introduced “Project Spark”—a revolutionary AI service designed to empower event professionals worldwide.

Connecting, Learning, Co-Creating with Project Spark

PCMA’s Project Spark is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at bringing together stakeholders in the business events industry. This collaborative platform allows professionals to connect, learn, and co-create, exploring the myriad ways in which A.I. can enhance their field. The best part,  Project Spark is free for everyone, regardless of PCMA membership.

Unveiling Enhanced Features at IMEX America

Recently, at IMEX America, PCMA’s President and CEO, Sherrif Karamat, CAE, along with Chief Business Officer Junior Tauvaa, revealed a suite of enhanced features for individual users and enterprises as part of Project Spark. These features, focused on learning and training, are designed to elevate productivity and performance using generative A.I.

Karamat shared, “At the beginning of 2023, the global business events industry barely discussed A.I. Nine months later, sixty-eight percent of business event professionals see A.I. as a crucial tool for their business. Spark already boasts over 3,500 users.”

Tailored AI Experience for Event Professionals

Project Spark offers a tailored A.I. experience for event professionals, differentiating itself from general-purpose A.I. models like ChatGPT. Leveraging multiple large language models, including GPT3, GPT4, and Anthropic’s Claude, Turing-NLG, Spark provides a diverse and comprehensive range of capabilities. This enables it to assist event professionals in content generation, brainstorming, contract evaluation, and more, all within a single platform.

Diverse Tasks and Subscription Plans

Upon signing up, users can choose from tasks such as Content Generation, Repurposing, Legal, Brainstorming, Analysis, and Leb. For example, in Content Generation, users can build agendas, create event descriptions, compose emails, craft press releases, and develop video scripts. While the basic tool is free, users can upgrade to Pro and Enterprise plans for additional features.

How to Sign Up

Interested in experiencing the future of event planning with A.I.? Sign up for Project Spark at https://www.sparkit.ai



About PCMA

PCMA, headquartered in Chicago, is the world’s largest community for Business Events Strategists. With 17 North American chapters and regional communities worldwide, PCMA provides senior-level education, networking, and market intelligence for the global business events industry. Learn more at https://www.pcma.org/about/

Calanit Atia, an award-winning event planner and entrepreneur, is an Air Force Veteran and the Founder and President of A to Z Events, a Las Vegas DMC, Entertainment, and Booth Activity Agency. She can be contacted at 702-212-2500 or via email at Info@AtoZevents.com. Connect with her on www.twitter.com/CalanitAtia, www.linkedin.com/in/calanit, www.instagram.com/calanitatia

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