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PHOTOSOUND is proud to launch CONGRESS EXTEND, an exciting new application which provides healthcare companies with a cost-effective and flexible interactive tool to maximize the reach and return of their congress activities with their customers.
CONGRESS EXTEND captures and combines congress activities, such as the exhibit booth, scientific panels, interactive media, symposium presentations, posters and publications all in a user-friendly interactive tool for distribution to customers and corporate affiliates post-congress via USB, DVD or web.

“This powerful application has proven itself as a cost-effective tool for capturing and disseminating congress activities beyond the congress itself,” explained Rob Thomson, head of Digital Product Development at PHOTOSOUND. “Not only is it a valuable post-congress reminder and educational resource for delegates and non-delegates, it is a valued tool for local affiliates and sales force distribution and detailing, and as a bonus, a PhRMA-compliant giveaway too.”

Key features include symposium presentations comprised of synchronized speaker videos, slide decks, transcripts and abstracts; 3D exhibit walk-through, event materials and publications in digital format, interactive exhibit activities, and photographic and video libraries.

“Digital media should not be seen as a threat to live events,” said Jeremy Williams, CEO of PHOTOSOUND. “Digital media provides an exciting range of channels to complement and add value to the event by extending the reach and return of the event itself. CONGRESS EXTEND is a perfect example of this.”

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