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New SHIFT Expo to Take Place March 25 – 26

A new expo, SHIFT (Shaping How Individuals Face Tomorrow), geared toward navigating midlife, is creating excitement as its inaugural edition is being held at the Atlantic City Convention Center on March 25-26, 2023, with the support of Meet AC and OVG360.

SHIFT is focused on offering help in navigating the ever-perplexing and often overlooked midlife era. SHIFT an event, and it is a community, to guide and support adults through periods of transition in life, with a particular lens on Late Boomers from 58 to 67 and Gen Xers from 42 to 57.

Over the last 120 years, the average human life span has increased by 35 years; however, society has yet to adjust in terms of education and transitional support. While teenagers are given all kinds of preparation to ease into their first chapter of adulthood, mid-lifers are not offered much to prepare for the crossroads of adulthood and elderhood. That is where SHIFT will help. It is about developing a sense of purpose and personal well-being by understanding the positive aspects of aging while having fun.

“Our exhibitors have the tools and services not just to survive midlife but thrive,” says Kevin McLaughlin, founder of MAC Expos, who is collaborating on the show with MAD Event Management. “We created the show as our research showed that midlife is really an ambiguous stage of life.”

SHIFT is a community that welcomes all. “Straight, gay, single, or coupled, all midlifers are embraced by SHIFT, where serious topics are made fun. This is a time in life that shouldn’t be filled with angst but with frivolity and community. That’s what SHIFT is all about,” says Martha Donato, CEO, Founder and President of MAD Event Management.

Not only does SHIFT define this stage, but it is a community to navigate together. “Let’s think about it. You have worked hard. Odds are your children have launched. Now it is time for you,” says McLaughlin. “It’s time to pull out that bucket list, and start making plans, and SHIFT will help.”

“This Expo is one-of-a-kind, and we are thrilled to partner with SHIFT to bring this event to Atlantic City and create awareness around this very important subject for all age groups,” states Meet AC’s President and CEO, Larry Sieg.

“We are thrilled to expand OVG360’s partnership with MAD Event Management and MAC Expos,” said Jim McDonald, General Manager of the Atlantic City Convention Center. “The SHIFT expo will offer midlifers the opportunity to attend a new event specifically catered to their growing needs.”

Today’s adults are living longer and healthier than previous generations. Midlife is the time to enjoy all life has to offer. It is also the time to take care of yourself and have fun.

“Some talk about a midlife crisis. Not true, we say. It is midlife potential, and SHIFT helps you navigate the ins and outs of this stage of life and makes sure you have fun doing it,” adds McLaughlin.

SHIFT is all about midlifers investing in their sense of purpose, wellness, and community.

For more information on exhibiting or attending this exciting expo, go to www.SHIFTexpo.com

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