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Buyers at German Exhibitions Bring Authority


After studying the responses on surveys collected during 2015 from various trade show participants, researchers say that a high percentage of the attendees at exhibitions in Germany are bringing decision-making authority with them. According to a report released by the Society for the Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics (FKM), just shy of 60 percent of the visitors at national and international fairs reported that they had joint or singular authority to purchase or source services and materials while at the show.

In addition, another 20 percent of attendees say they have at least advisory influence over buying decisions within their companies. FKM officials call this group relevant from the standpoint that, while they may not be direct buyers for the company, their input is often given great deference in group discussions, as they are often people who will be more hands-on with goods and services purchased.

FKM has collected information from 270 German exhibitions, separating data into segments about attendees’ region, profession, age, industry, and more. Surveys also query attendees about their trade show activities as well as their purchasing and ordering activities. FKM researchers also maintain a database of 270 German shows and organizers, including the numbers of exhibitors and visitors and the size of the event. Research is available on the FKM website: www.fkm.de.

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