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“Stuff-A-Bear” draws HCEA attendees



Cal Ostlund Exhibits coordinated its Stuff-A-Bear activity with the give back theme of the 2010 HCEA Annual Meeting.
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Thanks to the overwhelming response of HCEA attendees, Cal Ostlund Exhibits donated over 175 stuffed animals to the New Orleans Chapter of the Marine Corp’s Toys for Tots program. The company coordinated its Stuff-A-Bear in-booth marketing activity with the give back theme of the 2010 Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association’s Annual Meeting.

According to Jerry Grady, VP Business Development, Cal Ostlund Exhibits sent out 210 pre-mailers, 197 of which were targeted, to prospective attendees inviting them to visit the booth. Included in the mailer was a small wishing star to be stuffed inside the animal. 

“We scanned or collected business cards from 118 people” said Grady. “Upon cross referencing, we found that 95 of the 118 stuffers came as a direct result of the pre-mailer and 90 percent of them brought the star. We attracted more than 50 percent of our targeted attendees.”

Once at the exhibit each attendee was given a choice of animals to stuff; a bear, tiger, cat, dog, or ducks. They were then invited to sit down for a few minutes while they stuffed their animal. When completed, attendees were asked to make a wish for the child who would eventually receive the animal and place the star inside.

“The response was overwhelming,” said Grady, “With some attendees stopping by more than once. The activity was not only fun for the participants, but it also provided an emotional connection to the children of New Orleans.”


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