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Bob.McGlincy Tradeshow Times

Business is Back in Boston

by Bob McGlincy Heart Rhythm brought thousands of people to Boston for the purpose of networking, education and the viewing of new technologies. The exhibitors

Bob.McGlincy Tradeshow Times

Five Stunning Statistics

The Impact of Global Business Events Tradeshows create jobs, generate revenue and impact economies.  Those of us fortunate to be in the industry can see


Floors Can Be Intelligent

by Sven Bossu, CEO AIPC In the preparation for our Annual Conference, I had a meeting with one of our speakers, Wiktor Bourée. He is

Bob.McGlincy Tradeshow Times

Were the Lockdowns Effective?

by Bob McGlincy To what extent did the COVID lockdowns curtail the pandemic?  Is there a correlation between individual state lockdowns and the percentage of

Bob.McGlincy Tradeshow Times

Pandemics and Tradeshows – Part Two

by Bob McGlincy Pandemics had limited to no impact on tradeshows during the 20th century.  In 2020, COVID crippled the convention community, especially in states

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