July 20, 2024 4:39 AM
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Foot Rescue
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Take Your Tradeshow Giveaways from Trash to Treasure

by Tristin Vaccaro

After a long day on the show floor, there are two things every tradeshow attendee is guaranteed to walk away with: sore feet and a bag of swag. But what if there was a piece of swag in that bag that could relieve sore feet instantly? That piece of swag suddenly becomes the most useful, sought-after promotional item of the show. That piece of swag is Foot Rescue.

You might not know them by name yet, but Foot Rescue has positioned themselves to become the hottest promotional item of tradeshows to come. The spray-on topical formula is designed to instantly provide soothing relief to hot, tired and achy feet. Foot Rescue contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that smell great and leave no residue. For attendees and the overworked exhibitor, finding Foot Rescue at a tradeshow booth is like finding an oasis in a desert. For event marketers, it is like having the golden goose.

Event marketers spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per show on promotional giveaways. With more than 70 percent of promotional items distributed at tradeshows ending up in the trash before show’s end, valuable marketing dollars are at stake. Make no mistake, though, tradeshow giveaways are not to be dismissed as a waste of money. Great giveaways have the unmatched potential to generate attendee buzz, drive booth traffic, and keep a brand top-of-mind for weeks to come. Branded Foot Rescue delivers as a value-add in all these categories.

The fact is, utility separates giveaway trash from giveaway treasure. Because Foot Rescue provides instant relief, there is no doubt attendees will be pulling their Foot Rescue out multiple times over the duration of a show. Like music to a marketer’s ears, questions like, “Where did you get that?” and, “Can I get one, too?” are sure to follow. Foot Rescue is available in credit card style and travel-sized sprayers. Branded with your company name and logo, Foot Rescue is one giveaway that is sure to command attention even beyond show close.

Foot Rescue’s introduction into the tradeshow market could not be timelier, as many tradeshow organizers are choosing to forego aisle carpet to address budget concerns. “You’re walking for days to your sessions. You’re walking for days through the exhibit hall. This is your handy, pain-reducing solution for those tired feet,” says Foot Rescue CEO and founder Nikki Oden, who has nearly two decades of experience in the international beauty industry.

This therapeutic natural spray is formulated with eucalyptus and aloe to relieve pain and inflammation, hemp seed oil extract to moisturize, and menthol and medicinal strength lidocaine to provide pain relief on contact. Although Foot Rescue is just starting their push into branded promotional items, the product has already been featured on QVC and in Glamour magazine.

To further cement Foot Rescue’s staying power as a superior product giveaway, Oden points out that Foot Rescue’s price point is not far off from the pricing of common “junk” giveaways. “It is within the same price range as a stress ball,” says Oden. The choice between stress balls, that will, let’s face it, likely end up in the trash, and Foot Rescue seems clear.

Swag, promotional items, giveaways—whatever you call them, the branded materials given out at your booth can either cement your status as the “can’t miss” brand or  give you the reputation as the person who hands out stuff you don’t want to carry around for hours on the show floor. Foot Rescue is undoubtedly a premium piece of tradeshow swag that is sure to delight attendees and marketers alike. Unlike pens, calendars and even stress balls, Foot Rescue is a true value-add for any organization looking to up their brand presence on and beyond the show floor.

For more info, visit footrescue.com or contact Melanie at mblv@footrescue.com and mention this article for discounted bulk pricing.

Tristin Vaccaro is an experienced copywriter, marketer, and sales executive with experience in the live event and security industry. She has recently launched her own freelance copy and content writing firm and can be reached at tristin@vaccarocms.com.

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