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Thank you for the Randy

Dear Rich Johnson,

Thanks so much for the opportunity to play in The Randy Smith Memorial Golf Classic this year. 

As a first-time attendee, I came away so impressed that our tradeshow industry employees across this nation, who so fiercely compete for 364 days a year, would come together on the 365th to do the work of raising significant funds for those in our industry facing personal or financial crisis.

Having worked in a variety of industries prior to my last four years in the tradeshow world, I can tell you that The Randy is truly a uniquerandysmith effort. I can’t think of another industry that reaches across natural, competitive business barriers to aid industry employees most in need. The Randy is the best example of “giving back” to one’s industry of which I’m aware.

To have sustained The Randy for the past 17 years, even amidst these most recent few recessionary years, is a testimony to you and all the phenomenal volunteers who make this event possible. You and the entire Randy event team should all be proud of your heroic efforts. Sponsors, donors and volunteers alike should be recognized for making this event possible. I can’t think of a finer moment in the tradeshow industry.

From the Sunday night Welcome Reception to the extremely well-run, sold-out Monday golf tournament at a great course, St. Ives Country Club, to the post-golf Dinner and Recipient presentations, the event was first-class in every respect.

To any who are considering participating next year, I can’t urge you enough to put it in your budget and make the commitment. I came away meeting so many new peers, even competitors, alongside whom I can now say I proudly serve. The camaraderie of The Randy is built on far more than just having one of your industry competitors in your foursome chip one in for a birdie. It’s built on getting to know their stories, on getting to know that they’re facing the same tough market conditions we’re facing, that even amidst our collective business struggles, we share a common desire to do good work, to give to those most in-need: those dealing with death, devastating injuries or diseases and/or financial crisis.

In closing, I’ll share the same challenge that I posted on Reveal Exhibits’ Facebook page the morning after The Randy:

“If you’re in another industry and reading this, you should challenge your industry leaders to check out this endeavor and emulate it. The world will be a better place if you do. Our tradeshow industry sure is a better place because of it!”

Thanks again, Rich, and thanks to all those who work so hard to ensure that The Randy happens each year. Can’t wait to be there again next year.

Bob Stergos, director of sales and marketing, Reveal

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