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The Don & Mike Show Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

The Don and Mike Show, a weekly podcast “highlighting tradeshows, events and experiential marketing in today’s world,” recently celebrated its one-year anniversary with the release of its 52nd weekly podcast. The duo–Don Svehla, publisher of Exhibit City News magazine, and Mike Morrison, national sales director for WS Displays, plan to announce up to six unique marketing sponsorship packages in conjunction with Exhibit City News magazine and website as well as a chance for a lucky listener/participant to win $2,000. The winner will be selected from people who participate in the show, like the show on social media, call into the show or ultimately participate in any way. The drawing will be held on Dec. 13 at Expo Expo in New Orleans when they broadcast live from there.

“The show, which promotes the discussion of a myriad of industry topics, is becoming the ‘go-to source’ for those wanting to learn more and get involved with the industry associations including ESCA, IAEE, EDPA and EACA,” says Svehla.

Co-host/producer Morrison says, “Over the last year … we’ve had more than 2,500 listens to our shows … 10 percent of those coming in the last two weeks with the addition of the many podcasts platforms like iTunes and Google Play.  We are gaining extensive momentum at the present.”

As part of its push to record live from industry events and interact with their listeners–the many hard-working industry stakeholders–The Don and Mike Show has already have done live event audio and/or videos at the ESCA Summer Educational Conferences in 2017 and 2018, EDPA Access 2017, Suntrust Park in Atlanta, Exhibitor Show 2018, EDPA Engage 2018 in Chicago, EDPA Las Vegas Charity Golf, The Randy Smith Golf Classic 2017, Get out of the Gutter Randy Atlanta 2017 and they will be will be recording shows live this fall from the Randy Smith in Atlanta, from EDPA ACCESS in Naples, and from the ESCA booth in New Orleans at IAEE’s Expo Expo.

Morrison commends the key industry role ESCA plays in its many initiatives, including guiding the industry through its work concerning convention center security and nationwide badging efforts. “It’s all about content,“ he explains, “and delivering it in a format that’s entertaining while always respecting the listeners time,” adding that “over the course of our first year we have increased the number of platforms in which we reach our diversified groups of listeners.”

From their home base on ExhibitCityNews.com they also reach listeners through iTunes, Google Play Podcasts, Soundcloud.com, YouTube as well as popular social media streams such as Facebook (@dandmshow), Twitter (@DonandMikeShow1), LinkedIn.com (www.linkedin.com/groups/12096643), Stitcher.com, Podcast Addict, Reddit Podcasts, Spreaker.com and TuneIn.com.

The Don and Mike Show” is a weekly podcast “highlighting tradeshows, events and experiential marketing in today’s world,” co-hosted by Don Svehla, publisher of Exhibit City News magazine, and Mike Morrison, national sales director for WS Displays. Call-ins and texts are welcome; call toll free at (833) 366-2636 or text comments to (770) 298-0695. For a complete list of shows, visit https://soundcloud.com/user-763433310.



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