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Tradeshow Logic, a full-service event solutions firm, added disaster-preparedness planning to its growing menu of meeting, event and tradeshow services.

Offerings include Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Plans for destination marketing organizations (DMO) and individual entities as well as disaster preparedness planning education seminars for groups and associations.

Running the disaster-preparedness planning practice is Vice President of Event Operations Donna Karl, CMP.

“The object is to create safety, value and security through the implementation of a systemic outline that clearly lays out step-by-step how accurate information needs to flow from the local government agencies to the DMO and then out to your stakeholders” she explained.

Karl developed a methodology that enables destinations and event planners to create disaster-related communications plans, keeping planners, organizers, exhibitors, attendees, tourists and DMO members in the loop. During her tenure as director of meeting and convention services for the American Academy of Pediatrics, Karl developed this methodology and enhanced it when serving as vice president of client relations for the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau. She dealt with many serious emergency situations, including Hurricane Katrina.

Her unique solutions focus on planning with local government agencies, including emergency management, fire departments and the police.

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