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TS2, Total Solutions Marketing for the Exhibit and Event Professional, announced today a new format for its 6-year-old Preferred Partner Program. The program provides an opportunity for show organizers and associations to partner with TS2 in providing education to their exhibitors through the content-rich programming.

“Associations and show organizers are busy enough producing and running their events, not leaving a lot of time to educate their exhibitors on how to maximize their exhibiting experience,” said Chris Harar, TS2 show director, charged with implementing the Preferred Partner Program. “That’s where we come in. TS2 is a three-day event designed to do just that. By partnering with associations and show organizers we can enhance that area by providing the education to help their exhibitors – and in turn, the shows – become even more successful.”

After five years, TS2 has augmented the program to provide more value and greater reach. New aspects of the program include providing grants, including full conference registration and a travel stipend awarded to partners to distribute to their exhibitors in exchange for the opportunity to promote TS2 to their exhibitor lists.

Additionally, TS2 is leveraging its industry-leading faculty to record a series of pre-show webinars that will be made available to all partners to add to their own exhibitor education efforts.

“These new programs are truly win-win for TS2 and our partners,” Harar added. “By gaining access directly to the partners’ lists, we can fully promote the opportunity of TS2 to their exhibitors, and in return, the partner can be a hero by providing free opportunities that directly benefit their exhibitors.

Lastly, TS2 is producing a Passport to Savings book including thousands of dollars in value and discounts that will be offered by TS2 exhibitors and vendors directly to preferred partner exhibitors. These discounts will be promoted prior to the show as well as on-site.
Associations and show organizers interested in joining the program can contact Chris Harar directly at (703) 683-8500, ext. 211, or by sending e-mail to charar@ntpshow.com. A complete list of current partners is available at www.ts2show.com.

TS2 is sponsored by the Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA), www.tsea.org, and the conference program will provide credits toward the CME program. The conference program has also been submitted to earn continuing education units honored by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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