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USA Expo Introduces Event Display Leasing Model

Why buy or rent when you can lease? No, we’re not talking about cars or apartments, we’re talking about USA Expo’s new  leasing model that is revolutionizing the event display market. USA Expo, an experiential and event marketing agency based in Cleveland, has created a new model and process that involves leasing displays vs. buying or renting – a move that is set to change the future of the industry. 

Historically in event marketing, brands have had only two options: buy or rent displays. Buying is expensive, offers minimal flexibility and provides the added responsibility of storage and repairs. Renting is costly and ideally for brands that participate in one event per year. Event professionals now have the ability to lease with this new model. Have you ever leased a car? Well, leasing a display is quite similar. Brands receive a new display (aka ride) every few years (2-3 years on average), do not have to worry about maintenance/damage, and have financial flexibility. Ultimately, a lessee could have a high-quality, expensive display for a fraction of the cost, and that’s not all (excuse the car sales pun), USA Expo’s leasing program also provides turnkey service from start to finish.

“As the marketing industry evolves (i.e. digital, AI, traditional, etc.), it is important that the event marketing industry keep up. USA Expo is staying ahead of the curve with our new model which allows partners to decrease costs (on average clients save 39 percent), increase ROI, and ultimately drive results,” said David Toth, vice president of USA Expo. “Our model is ideal for brands that participate in two or more events per year. Our partners that lease participate in both trade shows and consumer events, and we see success in each vertical.”

In addition, this new model also incorporates all activation elements including: event strategy creation, ordering of show services, logistics, warehousing, reporting, and so on. Again, all a part of the leasing price. This allows the lessee to just show up at their designated event to a display that is fully set up, and looks brand new. USA Expo continuously maintains the appearance and care of the display when not in use, so it’s always event-ready. After the event, lessees simply leave and USA Expo handles the rest, including breakdown and storage of the display till the next use.

“It’s our belief that this is the future of event marketing and displays,” continued Kelly Kastelic, senior account manager of USA Expo. “Most brands love the ability to revamp their display every few years, as it allows them to stay relevant and keeps their event presence fresh without the costly investment or risk. We are thrilled to bring this to market!”

For more information on USA Expo’s leasing program, please contact Becki Silverstein at Becki@rebeccaadele.com. To learn more about USA Expo, please visit www.usa-expo.com.

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