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Ventev Wireless Infrastructure, an engineering-driven manufacturer and leading provider of high-density products, announced three products to expand the TerraWave portfolio of high-density solutions to address challenges of Wi-Fi deployments in large venues with many simultaneous users.

As Wi-Fi-capable devices such as smartphones and tablets become more prevalent in universities, convention centers and other large venues, network owners must convert traditional, coverage-oriented Wi-Fi networks to high-density networks. Such networks focus not only on coverage, but also on sufficient capacity to support high densities of client devices.

Ventev, a division of TESSCO Technologies Inc., delivers solutions for providing fast and reliable wireless access, adding three state-of-the-art products to address Wi-Fi deployment challenges in large, high-density venues.

“Having the right products significantly improves the ability to provide stronger, more reliable Wi-Fi while at the same time mitigating interference,” said Jeff Lime, vice president, Ventev Wireless Infrastructure. “We’re pleased to add these latest innovations to our portfolio to help network owners meet the challenges of Wi-Fi deployment in large venues.”

Minimizing channel interference, or “beam bounce,” is a critical component of the high density network and, until now, a frustrating challenge for network administrators trying to maximize capacity while minimizing interference. To meet that need, two new High-Density Antennas were added to the firm’s TerraWave product line.

The lower gain of the 4 dBi Quad Lead Patch Antenna limits RF interference, making it an ideal solution for facilities with lower ceilings and multi-levels like classrooms, where floor-to-floor interference exists and signal bounce must be minimized.

With a narrow 55 – 35 degree beamwidth, the new 2.4/5 GHz 6 dBi Flat Antenna complements the range of 6dBi antennas from TerraWave. With the latest advanced technology in high density antennas, it reduces the number of users per access point (AP), increasing capacity and improving Wi-Fi user experience.

Another challenge is simplifying installation of the AP and the high density antenna in challenging environments.

A new, easy-to-install mount allows both the high-density antenna and the AP to be co-located in one décor-friendly unit. Inconspicuous units conceal equipment and wires but are rugged enough to be used in tough environments like warehouses and manufacturing plants or other high ceiling facilities. The new antennas and mount support access points from industry-leading manufacturers.

For more information, visit www.terrawave.com/hdantennas.

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