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Viridistor upgrades PresenterTM software to add conference session materials


The Green Box combines high capacity USB flash memory devices with in-booth distribution devices and software.

Viridistor, LLC, has upgraded its Presenter™ and Presenter Manager™ software for its Green Box™ paperless trade show solution to add support for managing the delivery of electronic educational materials at conferences and tradeshow breakout sessions.

Where the original USB-based software applications gave show attendees applications for managing the collection and use of non-paper based marketing collateral, the new version extends these capabilities to electronic materials gathered at conference educational sessions as well. The new capability reduces the cost of distributing presentation materials and relieves attendees from having to lug around huge conference binders.

“This enables organizers to ‘go paperless’ for session handouts and helps conference organizers reduce the carbon footprints of their conference as well as reducing the volume of trash generated at events,” explained Terry Mullin, Viridistor president and CEO.

The new software provides multiple options for providing materials to attendees:
•  The Conference Mode, in which all presentation content is pre-loaded onto the event’s USB-based memory devices and provided to attendees when they check in;

•  The Session Mode, in which presentation materials can be downloaded onto attendee USB memory devices as they leave each session;

•  The Hybrid Mode, with most materials pre-loaded on the USB sticks and late-arriving presentation content downloaded from the Green Box units following a presentation;

•  The Post-Event Mode, in which materials such as audio or video recordings of conference sessions can be provided after the conference by including a hyperlink to the organizer’s website for downloading material.

The new Presenter software lets attendees review the entire conference program at any time by simply inserting their USB memory device in their Mac or PC and clicking on the Presenter app. They can also review the entire program schedule in advance to see which sessions they would most like to attend. A new Tool Tip feature lets them hover a mouse over speaker names to see a pop-up synopsis of each session’s content. Attendees can also download their personal schedule selections to their smartphones, so they have it available during the event and managers can e-mail schedules to staff members for dividing up participation to cover multiple sessions.

“This new software gives event organizers a simplified way to manage attendee access for both trade show exhibit areas and conference sessions,” said Mullin.

When attendees pre-register for the show, they pay for the level of involvement they wish. When they pick up their guest badges, they receive a lanyard with USB devices that are tailored to the level of participation for which they’ve paid and they can download materials accordingly.

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