July 23, 2024 6:59 AM
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Associations bring on-site conferences to members

CommPartners, a company endorsed by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), has recently launched its new hybrid conferencing technology to the association community.

A hybrid conference broadcasts live events to virtual audiences with the added benefit of allowing both audiences to interact and participate in the presentation via discussions, polls, surveys and question-and-answer sessions.

“Organizations’ face-to-face events have suffered declining attendance and revenue shortfalls,” said Dixie Arthur, president of ASAE Business Services. “Offering a hybrid conference event allows association members who may not be able to travel to receive the same content as those attending in person, plus online attendees can interact with the speakers and on-site attendees. Hybrid events allow organizations to earn revenue they would not have generated had the session not been made available to online attendees. Hybrid conferencing allows organizations to benefit financially, and members to benefit from content that may have been inaccessible.”

This new service was demonstrated in November during a 90-minute session featuring Betsy Lawrence, education programs manager at the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and Rich Finstein, president of CommPartners.

For additional information about this service, visit the Web site at www.asaecenter.org/HybridConferencing.

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