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The Cell Cloth, which was fashioned after Atomics’ packs small and plays big maxim, holds true with its dimensional origami design that goes up quick while keeping its steadfast motif. The Cell Cloth is yet another first-rate option for an already extensive line of meticulously sewn, in-house, multi-sized soft backdrops.

With two options available, the power to pick your atmosphere is extensive. The white sheer Cell Cloth option allows multiple looks. The soft flux of the fabric is open to interpretation; backlighting can be elaborate or simple, or even an upstage reveal. Utilization of the Cell Cloth as an intricate multi-layered scrim can be rewarding for the adventurous at heart. The opaque silver Cell Cloth option was created so that the dimensional piece could soak up color while leaving no concern for backing behind the goods.

The Cell Cloth made its debut at the 2010 Turner Upfront event in New York City, NY on May 19, 2010. It was also recently used for the June taping of Don Francisco Productions at Univision Studios.

An already popular addition to the Atomic Rental line, the Cell Cloth is perfect for just about any stage or event application, and makes a fantastic alternative to the traditional backdrop. It can be tied straight to a pipe or truss, or be used as a room divider. The many applications of the Cell Cloth are limited only by one’s imagination.

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