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Blazing exhibit designs Ignited at International CES

Before a direct conversation with an exhibitor begins about their product offerings at International CES, most likely, show attendees will be attracted by a booth’s design and the activities within it.  

A listening experience inside the DTS booth.
A listening experience inside the DTS booth.

More than 3,200 companies exhibited at this year’s large consumer technology and innovation event, held from Jan. 7-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and not many can argue that each attendee knew about every exhibitor. So it’s no wonder why many exhibitors chose to go full out with the design and construction of their exhibits at CES.

For those who may not have known to look for DTS, a provider of high-definition audio technology, and Turtle Beach, a sound card and headset manufacturer, Ignited designed and constructed booths to help its clients make an impact at CES and utilized a variety of traffic builders.

Two over-sized headsets at the Turtle Beach booth.
Two over-sized headsets at the Turtle Beach booth.

A California-based full-service advertising agency, Ignited used its knowledge of Turtle Beach’s headsets to help the company’s booth attract a portion of the more than 150,000 attendees walking the show floor in the South Hall of the convention center.

“We built two 12-foot tall oversized replicas of Turtle Beach’s new and upcoming products for 2013 and 2014, the XP7 and XO7 headsets,” explained David Lock, senior project manager of experiential marketing, Ignited. “While meeting business needs, we made the booth eye-catching. People walk up and realize there is actual live sound coming from the headsets.”

Designing for Turtle Beach for two and a half years, Ignited built a 6,000-square-foot booth for this client at 2012 E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) and has continued doing event marketing and exhibit work for the company.

Right away, Lock said he noticed differences and similarities between constructing and designing a booth for CES vs. E3.

“There are differences in space — trying to put more in a smaller space — and trying to achieve similar goals in terms of the business function, demonstrating products and showcasing partnerships,” said Lock.

To overcome the challenge of trying to put more in a smaller space at CES, Ignited chose to build up as a strategy.

“We have a double deck structure with a café area and additional conference room. Building up seems to be common, at least in this portion of South Hall,” said Lock. “At CES, last year, there weren’t double deck structures around us, and now we have three others around us. It’s starting to become a common theme as space gets tighter.”

In the convention center’s Central Hall, the Ignited-designed DTS booth could be seen from a location that Ignited knew it had to have again.

“Last year, it was a happy accident that we exhibited at this space with DTS. We wanted to leverage this space again,” explained Todd Kenman, producer of experiential marketing, Ignited. “The venue provides a nice atmosphere out front, kind of an elevated space where people can look at the booth, and we wanted to leverage that again.”

A performer rocks the DTS mobile phone stage.
A performer rocks the DTS mobile phone stage.

Working with DTS for four years, Ignited gave the company’s booth an augmented reality experience in theater while staying in line with CES’ 85-decibel sound limit.

“Sound changes the way we see. We wanted to help DTS express themselves through streaming and mobile devices, so the visuals around the booth are mobile-phone related. We created an oversized mobile phone stage and produced events on that stage with DJs and audio illusionists,” said Kenman. “The booth reads heavy mobile streaming technology vibe.”

Ignited also repurposed the walls of the booth and outfitted them with oversized touch screens that were made to look like mobile phones. The company also created apps to go on the phones.

Having designed booths for clients at various shows over the years, Ignited has seen many changes in how exhibit firms operate on the show floor.

“A common theme, not necessarily specific to CES, are lighter structures as budgets are scrutinized more and more, quicker assembly, the use of fabric when you can and being responsible with clients’ budgets,” said Lock.

A way Ignited stays responsible with clients’ budgets is by reusing their assets when possible.

“We built [DTS’] booth last year brand new, and we used it again [for CES]. Chances are we’ll use it again,” added Kenman.

The presentation of their clients’ booths went off without a hitch, according to Ignited. The company may have had to build around a column or two during the construction phase, but it adjusted its design accordingly and adhered to CES’ fire marshal regulations and ceiling height requirements to get the job done.

To learn more about Ignited, visit http://ignitedusa.com/.


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