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It’s time to look for top talent again

As we move slowly out of our recession, companies have a big job on their hands. After years of discharging good, talented personnel, companies once more need top talent and the best revenue producers available. This means finding the best sales and production people...

How to use hiring to reinforce your brand

Employees who share your values are not only great to work with – they stay longer in your company. Let’s talk, today, about how you can recognize candidates and hire employees who do share your values and reinforce your brand. One thing is sure – companies have to be...

Time to review your interview process

What can you do when the interview process you’ve used for decades fails you? When it doesn’t make it easy enough to assess each candidate accurately, or when the candidate you chose turns out to not be the best one for the job? Sound familiar? When a candidate is...

The right way to build a sales force

While placing top sales people continues to be one of our top efforts, I am particularly concerned when I see clients more interested in shortcuts to “buying” business than in growing their own sales force, and developing healthy sales they can call their...

Tips to make your interviews more productive

Today we’re concerned with boosting the success rate of the interviews you conduct. Interviews can be tricky, sensitive things in many ways. But their successful outcome is vital to the maintenance and growth of your company. There are a number of rather simple things...
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