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Common Misconceptions about Tradeshow Labor

Who is today’s exhibitor? Despite the fact that tradeshow exhibit management is increasingly complex, there are less tradeshow managers today than 20 years ago. Today, your average tradeshow manager may be a marketing director who is responsible for several other...

History of Tradeshows and I&D

America’s Tradeshow Roots Installation labor traces its roots to the 1930s, when the latest fashions and styles were promoted in department store windows in New York and Chicago.Window dressers or decorators created and assembled displays for retailers like Macy’s,...

GCs & EACs

What’s the difference between the GC and EAC? Both general contractors and exhibitor-appointed contractors hire from a region’s local labor pool. The companies assign forepersons and lead-persons, and the unions assign stewards for the contractors. Although they are...

Introduction to I&D Series

Installation and dismantle (I&D) companies are some of the most vital suppliers to the tradeshow and exhibit industry. For every tradeshow, there is a labor crew that laid out the show, divvied up the booth spaces, delivered the components, installed the...
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