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The Center for Exhibition Industry Research has released the seventh and final report in its Attendee ROI Playbook series, a multiple fact sheet series that identifies general attendee practices while delivering insights on differences by specific attendee categories.

Designed to summarize all aspects in the Attendee ROI study as well as analyze how attendee preferences and behaviors vary by the size of an event, “Where Value and Metrics Vary by Event Size” uncovers competitive advantages for B2B exhibitions large and small, according to Nancy Drapeau, CEIR vice president of research.

“Organizers may think that the larger an event is, the more likely an attendee is to be satisfied,” says Drapeau. “[This report] takes a close look at the decision to attend an event, metrics used to determine the value of attending and how well events perform against these expectations by event size.”

Not only does the 13-page report provide an analysis of how attendee preferences and behaviors vary by an event’s size, but also objectives for attending; the decision-making process to attend; pre-planning and tracking activities while visiting an event and metrics used to evaluate the outcome of attending and how well B2B exhibitions perform to these metrics.

CEIR CEO Cathy Breden says, “The Attendee ROI Playbook series is one of most robust studies CEIR has conducted. This seven-report series contains a wealth of great information for exhibition organizers, as well as service providers, that can help with their strategic planning discussions.”

A random sampling of B2B exhibition organizers from the CEIR Census was pulled to generate an attendee sample for this project. A total of 21 exhibition organizers in the U.S. and Canada agreed to participate, with a minimum of one event per sector, with the exception of Sporting Goods, Travel and Entertainment. Despite the absence of exhibition participation for this sector, the attendee sample includes a cross-section of professionals across all 14 CEIR industry sectors. For more info, visit www.ceir.org/attendee-roi-playbook

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