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DreamHack Re-partners with The Trade Group for 2017 U.S. eSports Events

Following its first-time partnership with DreamHack for the eSports organizer’s inaugural U.S.-based event in Austin last year, The Trade Group will be supporting DreamHack April 28-30 to kick off the 2017 North American events in Austin, Tex.

According to The Trade Group’s VP of Business Development Neeshu Hajra, “After a successful run as producer and general contractor for DreamHack’s 2016 Austin event, it was a natural choice for DreamHack to partner with The Trade Group once again for its 2017 events.”

From Austin, DreamHack and The Trade Group will head to Atlanta, Georgia, July 21-23, then move on to Denver, Colorado, October 20-22.

As the official producer and general contractor for DreamHack in Austin, Atlanta and Denver, The Trade Group will be playing the same role it did in Austin last year. Duties include producing the entire show, managing labor, logistical and exhibitor services as well as the design and installation of DreamHack’s eSports stages.

The Trade Group has been involved in producing eSports events for several years and provides a wide range of services such as: Venue selection; event concepting and design; furniture and equipment rental; event operations; eSports AV packages; union and trade management; catering and hospitality services; RFID technology integration; large format and digital signage; merchant activations; logistics coordination; and turnkey services.

Hajra and the rest of The Trade Group team are excited to re-partner with DreamHack and take on the two new events in Atlanta and Denver. “We are grateful to be affiliated with such a distinguished eSports organizer as DreamHack and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future,” Hajra says.

To learn more about The Trade Group’s partnership with DreamHack or for information on The Trade Group’s eSports event production services, please contact Neeshu Hajra, VP of Business Development, at nhajra@tradegroup.com. Otherwise, please visit The Trade Group.

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