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ExhibitTrader.com Unveils New Technology Exhibit at CES for Their Award-Winning Client – Fasetto

IMG_6872 (1024x768)EXHIBITTRADER.COM, Inc., a Dallas based corporation, recently showcased their ability as a premier trade show solutions provider, with the execution of a 50’ x 90’, 4500 sq. ft. custom display built for Fasetto.  In a joint collaboration with Southwest Displays, Nth Degree, Freeman and other key partners, the team created a uniquely captivating environment at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan. 5-8.

Fasetto showcased their living storage and communications solution, LINK, in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. With the abundance of stimuli, attention spans are short at CES, making it easy to overlook products or brands you don’t recognize at first glance – especially alongside big tech names like Samsung, Sony and LG. The design goal was to create a color rich environment with high impact visuals and eye-catching features, which would increase traffic organically, lending Fasetto a chance to tell their story.

IMG_6778 (768x1024)The brilliant illumination and vivid color made the space an environment all its own. ChromaQ lights beaming through massive, overhead canopies in rotating hues of varying color, onto large hanging graphic walls were breathtaking. – Also hard to ignore were large backlit letters sweeping each side of the exhibit, inlayed lighted floor runners,  backlit 12 ft- diameter logos floating atop the exhibit and of course, the new Tesla on display opening day. Custom-built showcases featuring oversized vignettes of LINK, demonstrated the product’s durability against multiple elements, by having the product submerged underwater, buried in the sands of the hot desert and exposed to sub-zero temperatures with blowing snow.

Drawing major attention to the booth was a spectacular, one-of-a-kind, 25 ft sculpture fabricated by Brad Oldham Sculpture of Dallas. Brad and his team at MP Custom Fabrication- through the intricate welding of steel rods, heavy plate and sheet metal goods-  seamlessly interconnected a tapestry of individually hand-painted nylon strapping, that cross weaved throughout the structure from its base to four sprawling overhead curved troughs, simulating  wireless  data  transmission to and from LINK. Accompanied by a strategic lighting schematic and interface throughout the sculpture, it radiated the LINK logo colors- placing focus at eye level on a turn table- allowing a full 360° view of LINK device at show.

Lindsay Rogowicz, account executive for the project, stated the booth design received multiple compliments from industry peers and neighboring exhibitors; some took to social media saying: “The booth design bar has been raised; a breath of fresh air”.

LINK features some of the most powerful software in a hand-held device. LINK features Samsung’s groundbreaking BGA solid-state drive (SSD) as well as the first Linux-driven Exynos 7 Octa 7420 processor.  It combines the capabilities of an LTE hotspot with the large storage of a NAS in a pocket-sized, weatherproof device.  This technology allows users to stream data to up to 15 devices across any platform, instantly accessing HD movies, music, photos, documents and more.  LINK also features a custom platform, with its own Linux-based OS, making it extremely flexible for users.  Awarded two HIS Markit Showcase Awards for Mobile Computing and Mobile Accessories, and named Honoree by the CES Innovation Awards in four categories.  Fasetto hit a home run with its LINK device at CES and beyond.

For information visit: www.exhibittrader.com

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