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For many, the end of the holiday season means waking up in a food coma with a hangover, buried beneath a hoard of consumer goods. After the indulgences of the holidays, physical fitness as well as the health of our planet moves up the ranks on many resolution lists.

An organization called Athletes For A Fit Planet helps event planners marry these objectives. Its stated purpose is “greening the planet one event at a time.”

“FitPlanet provides customized environmental consulting and on-the-ground support to organizers of events in North America and the U.K. From road races and triathlons to golf and hockey tournaments, we help you reduce your environmental footprint,” according to its Website.

The organization has done an effective job of providing its business partners with relevant marketing exposure while giving eco- and health-conscious consumers “news and information to inspire you to make more environmentally responsible decisions in your daily life, about the events you participate in and about the products and services you buy.”

FitPlanet requires participating companies to be legitimate green businesses. Once a company is qualified, it may use the “Green Business Partner Logo” and will enjoy a listing in the Green Business Pages or Athlete Green Pages.

“The Green Pages are resources for event organizers and athletes to help them make more environmentally responsible purchasing decisions,” according to FitPlanet.

Businesses also receive exposure through newsletters, social media and event participation. FitPlanet will act as a liaison between a company and event in order to maximize exposure and attribution for “greening” the event.

For a fee of $100 per event, an organizer may register with FitPlanet and take the “pledge of sustainability.” Benefits include:
• The rights to use the pledge of sustainability logo for your Website(s) and in your marketing materials to promote your event.
• Listing of your event(s) in the FitPlanet green events calendar.
• Access to our password-protected resource center that includes a “green business” directory, a manual for producing green events and FitPlanet Webcasts about green practices, products and services.
• Listing of your organization on the FitPlanet green-partners page.
• A 5 percent discount on FitPlanet consulting services.

FitPlanet identifies five key areas for minimizing the environmental impact of an event, which include reducing waste, carbon and water footprints, making a supply chain “green” and finding sustainability partners. The organization likes to be involved nine to 12 months prior to an event in order to maximize the effectiveness of the strategies.

FitPlanet also assists its members in earning certification to the Council for Responsible Sport.

The organization recognizes athletes are an environmentally conscious consumer group and care about the impact of items they buy and events in which they participate. You may find that FitPlanet is a valuable resource if you are planning a fitness-related event.

Green Tip for January:
I receive many beautiful holiday cards each year at my home and office, and I always feel guilty about throwing them away. This year, take up a card collection for St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. The organization accepts used, all-occasion greeting cards, year-round. The cards are recycled and sold 10 for $10. The money helps to support St. Jude’s worthy services. Next year, consider ordering your company’s holiday cards from www.stjudesranch.org/shop/recycled-card-program/.

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