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FreemanXP to launch second screen platform for live events

FreemanXP, a leading global brand experience agency, announced the launch of FXP | touch, a proprietary second screen platform, to increase engagement and deliver real-time analytics at live events.

Second screen technology is increasingly becoming an essential tool for event attendees who seek to explore, connect and discover new content in a self-directed manner through mobile devices. Through the collaboration and an exclusive agreement with Klowd.com, a development studio for creating Web and mobile applications, FreemanXP offers this proprietary and patented second screen platform to its clients, enabling brands and presenters to increase real-time engagement, conversations and amplify content distribution.

ECN 122014_NTL_FXP touchWhether at a live or virtual event and regardless of audience size, FXP | touch allows for a new dimension of audience interaction while also delivering a robust data and analytics engine, so show organizers and presenters can better understand the impact of their content on audiences.

“We have a track record of pushing the boundaries of social engagement through the integration of live and digital experiences, and FXP | touch is a key step in taking this even further,” said Chris Cavanaugh, executive vice president of brand strategy and business insights, FreemanXP. “FXP | touch is an incredible platform for any live engagement, helping audiences interact in a deeper, more meaningful way with presentations and branded content.”

In development since 2011, the FXP | touch technology has been successfully utilized with Fortune 100 technology clients. This exclusive agreement pairs FreemanXP, a leader in brand experience marketing, with Klowd.com, a leading developer of event focused second screen technology, providing a powerful partnership in leading edge technology and engagement expertise.

ECN 122014_NTL_FXP touch (audience)
FXP | touch is a Web-based application that works with any mobile device with an Internet browser. There are no apps to download, so any device with a browser can interface with the platform immediately.

Specific benefits of FXP | touch include:

  • For show organizers: The platform provides real and measureable data that help organizers deliver more meaningful content to their members, exhibitors and partners through a simple analytics dashboard. Additionally, FXP | touch can be deployed as a 100 percent cloud-based solution or with a fully managed local system at the event venue for large audiences. It’s easy to train and deploy to presenters and participants, and has a scalable pricing model based on the number of concurrent participants.
  • For presenters: Presenters can create more engaging presentations and monitor audience responses in real-time – including audience Q&A, comments and social media. As such, presenters instantly understand where their presentations hit the mark and where they need to provide additional clarification or content in subsequent sessions.
  • For audiences: Attendees have a better experience because they can participate and provide real-time feedback to presenters. They can view session content, take their own notes and share presentation content. After the event is over, they can retain their notes to extend the value of their session.

FXP | touch will be available to FreemanXP and Freeman clients beginning January 2015 as part of an overall event program.


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