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IAAM changes name to IAVM

The International Association of Assembly Managers (IAAM) voted electronically this past month to change the organization’s name to the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM). The results of the ballot were made public during the keynote address at VenueConnect, the 85th annual conference and tradeshow, in Houston, Texas.

“Our annual conference is now called VenueConnect, our new proprietary social network platform is VenueNet and our new awards are the VenueExcellence awards,” said Shura Lindgren-Garnett, CFE, immediate past chairman. “The concept to change our association name made perfect sense.”

“A decisive 88 percent of the ballots indicated approval to change the name of the organization to the International Association of Venue Managers,” said Dexter King, IAAM president and CFE, CEO Dexter King.

Although it will take several months to implement changes, there is much work to be achieved in the interim, i.e., file the appropriate legal papers to solidify the change, address logo change, graphics, web site, e-mail messages, and other collateral materials and documents.

“As we position our strategy in anticipation of this change, please continue to call us the IAAM, and refer to us as the International Association of Assembly Managers,” said John Siehl, CFE, chairman. “We will celebrate our new name and brand later in the fall.”

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