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Julie Pazina
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Julie Pazina Runs for Nevada State Senate

As 2021 drew to a close, Julie Pazina announced her intent to run for Nevada State Senate in District 12, and she was endorsed by Senate Democrats.

Pazina is a hospitality and tradeshow professional who understands how devastating the pandemic was to the industry she loves and her state as a whole. “Our industry really dominates the state,” she says, expressing frustration that there’s no one in the legislature who really understands the nuances of the industry. “I decided to run because our industry needs representation at the table.”

Nevada has a citizen legislature that meets for four months every other year, and for the rest of their term, members of the legislature attend to their careers. “I think this makeup allows for legislators who represent and understand different industries. It’s important that the legislature be diverse and representative of the community that elects them.”

For more info, visit www.juliepazina4nv.com.

Full disclosure: Exhibit City News is a publication free of political affiliations, but in Julie Pazina’s case, we’re making an exception and supporting a candidate who supports our industry by helping Pazina kick off her campaign with a donation. 

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