July 14, 2024 1:42 PM
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K&S International Making a Comeback in the Tradeshow Industry

K&S International has hired a new team, launched a new website, revamped their marketing materials & will introduce new products in 2021

KS-press_K&S International, a pioneer in tradeshow flooring for exhibitor booths, has completely restructured their company. They have reinvigorated the market with their reemergence into the industry with a whole new outlook.

K&S press_Release_ImageOver the past couple decades, K&S International has redefined what the impact of a captivating floor can have. Their innovative designs enveloped the surprise element to capture an audience. When the tradeshow industry abruptly halted in early 2020, they took the pause and turned it into a positive. The decision to completely reorganize the company was necessary to take it to the next level. A lot of changes needed to happen to achieve the results they wanted; and it seems they have been making huge strides.

To get to this point, K&S International had to reinvent themselves. Here is what they have done so far:

  • Launched a brand new website.
  • Redesigned marketing materials
  • Reignited product development initiativesLorin-Glazer KS-
  • Brought customer service back to the forefront

“To do something of this magnitude in less than one year is astounding,” says Lorin Glazer (pictured right), the company’s vice president. “It symbolized the pivotal point it had all come down to. Timing is everything.”

Of the company’s recent developments, owner and CEO Ken Glazer says, “I couldn’t have done it without our new team who have stepped forward to make this happen. We have a faithful customer base and they should always come first.” When asked about the future of K&S, he added, “There is a bright future ahead. This is just the beginning.”

K&S International, a flooring company based in Wheeling, Ill., specializes in innovative designs. Founded in 1996, K&S International has been designing and manufacturing customized floors for exhibitors as well as various large scale projects. For more product info and to subscribe to their newsletter, visit www.ksintl.com.



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