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New flooring products for 2014-2015

Any exhibitor knows from experience that choices for flooring are endless – there’s wood, carpet, vinyl, laminate and other unique materials. When determining what works best for them, exhibitors no doubt consider price, appearance and functionality.

Many exhibitors choose what gels with their brand. For instance, the sleek look of white vinyl or laminate offers a fresh, clean, uncluttered aesthetic, and a splash of color gives others the vibrancy they crave. The flooring’s ability to hold up to foot traffic also matters as well as the ease of install.

Detailing why their new products for 2014-2015 could benefit any booth are three major flooring providers for the tradeshow industry — The Inside Track, Brumark and K&S International.

A colorful option for exhibits are Brumark’s TechnoFloors LED Event Floors.



  • Solid-colored wood planks

Coming out this fall are solid-colored wood planks for tradeshows, events, and museum and retail environments, according to The Inside Track President Dave Sterne.

He added, “These 9-inch-wide-by-48-inch-long planks are easy to install, available in a variety of solid colors and really help flooring stand out!”

5-color wood planks
5-color wood planks

4-color wood planks
4-color wood planks



  • Sierra Raised Comfort Flex Vinyl

As a raised flooring option, Sierra Raised Comfort Flex Vinyl has removable components to allow it to be switched out when needed, according to Mark Meng, executive vice president, K&S International.

“You can use it for multiple shows. It’s popular with European companies and automotive clients. The flooring delivers a high-end look on a budget,” Meng added.

Consisting of 6,500 square feet on average, Sierra Raised Comfort Flex Vinyl also features electrical channeling, which, according to Meng, is great for displays that require electrical access. The portable flooring is part of K&S International’s large vinyl inventory, which features hundreds of options.

 ECN 112014_FTR_New flooring products for 2014-2015_K&S International_ Sierra Raised Comfort Flex Vinyl


  • Gloss Flex Flooring

Introduced at EXHIBITOR 2014, Gloss Flex is the only 10’ wide, true high-gloss white rollable flooring available in the exhibit and event industry, according to a Brumark representative.

When describing why the flooring benefits exhibitors, the Brumark representative added:

“It provides an eye-catching, mirror-like look that adds a modern and sophisticated feel to a space, and it can be custom-printed with detailed, vibrant graphics. Gloss Flex is part of Brumark’s full FlexFloor line, which offers significant value on a range of versatile rollable vinyl flooring for different budgets and uses.

“The 10’ width makes Gloss Flex a convenient option for tradeshow exhibits. Because it’s rollable vinyl flooring, it simply rolls out for fast installation, and then back up for easy dismantle, transport and storage. Plus, Gloss Flex is made from solid coated vinyl, making it very durable as well as simple to clean and maintain, all of which are important for flooring used for tradeshows, corporate and special events, and similar applications.”

 ECN 112014_FTR_New flooring products for 2014-2015_Brumark_GlossFlex



  • Sierra Raised Finished Laminate

K&S International is the only tradeshow flooring provider that sells its products through a dealer network, and what these dealers demanded on behalf of their European clients was the Sierra Raised Finished Laminate.

Just like some of the company’s other products, the flooring features portability, a high-end look to complement any-sized budget and electrical channeling. It’s also a raised floor, which on average stretches 4,500 square feet.

“Overall, [its adds] to the necessary ‘WOW’ effect of your tradeshow display,” commented Meng.

 ECN 112014_FTR_New flooring products for 2014-2015_K&S International_Sierra Raised Finished Laminate




  • 24 shades of PET

The Inside Track offers the largest selection of recycled carpet in the tradeshow industry, according to Sterne. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) carpet uses fiber that is made from recycled plastic bottles and is produced in a zero waste carpet mill.

“Our 10’ wide PET carpet, manufactured in 24 popular colors and was introduced in the first quarter of 2014, allows exhibit houses to offer a recycled carpet in 16 oz., 30 oz. and 50 oz. weights to their clients who want to have an ‘eco-friendly’ exhibit,” Sterne explained.

He added that since the carpet fiber is made from a continuous filament yarn, it won’t shed or fuzz.

12 of 24 PET carpet colors
12 of 24 PET carpet colors


Other flooring materials

  • TechnoFloors LED Event Floors

Some exhibitors may not have known that LEDs could be used as a flooring material, but Brumark enlightened them with its TechnoFloors.

As modular, LED floors available in millions of colors, the new product can be further customized with high-resolution graphics placed on individual tiles or the entire floor.

A Brumark representative commented, “TechnoFloors offers exhibitors and event managers a new and very attention-grabbing way to create a memorable space.

“TechnoFloors’ modular, portable tiles can also be installed in numerous configurations to create memorable tradeshow floors, lighted pathways, dance floors, product demonstration or presentation areas and more.

“The portable laser-cut steel tiles have high-impact acrylic for durability, and the floors include an integrated ramp that meets ADA standards. TechnoFloors are waterproof to IP63 Standards and can be installed on any solid, flat surface, indoors or out. All they require is a standard electrical outlet.”



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