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Announced Feb. 11, Exhibitor Media Group, the award-winning leader in tradeshow and corporate event marketing education, revealed 43 new products officially debuting at EXHIBITORLIVE, the smart ideas conference for exhibit and event marketers, to be held March 1-5 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Each new product, introduced between Jan. 1 and March 1, 2015, will be vying for EXHIBITORLIVE’s Buyers Choice Award.

Two products certain to light up the show floor will be the Show 6 LED Battery Display Light from Showbattery, a provider of custom tradeshow lighting solutions, as well as the LED Mobile Showroom by Prism Tradeshow Lighting, a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative lighting solutions.

Winning the Buyers Choice Award in 2014, Showbattery this year presents cost-effective, battery-powered display lighting. Canada-based Prism Tradeshow Lighting takes the guesswork out of LED lighting with an easy-to-use, portable mobile showroom.


Showbattery | Show 6 Led Light & Battery Kit

Showbattery Show 6 Led Light & Battery Kit

Showbattery Show 6 Led Light & Battery Kit

What is your new product?
Show 6 Led Light & Battery Kit

What makes it innovative?
It combines the energy efficiency and power of LED lighting with Li-on battery portability. This means huge savings for the exhibitor as it eliminates the need for electrical rental. It gives exhibitors the flexibly to control their own power wherever and whenever they need it.

How often do you develop new products? Is it customer-driven?
With in-house R&D, we develop new products semi-annually. Our team has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, and this makes it is easy to develop products based on real customer experience. For us, it’s about more than just selling a product – we know firsthand the challenges in the exhibit industry, and we strive to help our customers find solutions. We also regularly customize our solutions to meet customers’ needs in unique situations.

How will it improve the show floor experience?
It reduces the cost and use of electricity. It also eliminates the need for costly cable runs or subfloors and, when combined, is powerful enough to light an entire booth without the challenges of traditional electrical services.

Who will benefit most from the new product – the exhibitor or attendee?
Both – it’s changing the way people think about lighting and electricity in the industry and opening up a world of new possibilities in terms of cost savings, exhibit design and location. The technology has a life span of more than five years, so depending on the number of shows an exhibitor does per year, there is a big return on investment. For example, an exhibitor who attends 10 shows annually and spends $200 per electrical outlet can expect a return on investment over the years of more than $9,000.


Prism Tradeshow Lighting | LED Mobile Showroom

Prism Tradeshow Lighting LED Mobile Showroom

Prism Tradeshow Lighting LED Mobile Showroom

What is your new product?
The LED Mobile Showroom

What makes it innovative?
The LED Mobile Showroom (LMS) is the most extensive transportable product showcase in the LED lighting industry.

Never has there been such a compact transportable product showroom such as the LMS. With a small, compact footprint of just 28″ x 20″, the LMS is packed with dozens of working LED lighting products. Not only can one see and feel the LED lighting product, each fixture can plug into integrated power supplies and realize the type of lighting effect being produced.

Being transportable with heavy-duty, locking-wheel casters, the LMS can be easily moved around and shared with all departments involved in creating an exhibit, showcase, kiosk or retail environment.

How often do you develop new products? Is it customer-driven?
Prism is continually looking at developing new products that answer our customers’ needs. Because we work closely with our customers to solve their lighting challenges, we’re well aware of their most common issues, and new Prism products emerge from the product customization process we develop for customers on a regular basis.

The LMS answers a frequent customer request to have samples of our most popular LED lighting products quickly at hand, ready to plug in, help troubleshoot and light up!

When visiting exhibit builders and presenting Prism LED lighting products, it was always beneficial for the audience to actually see, feel, touch and turn on the lighting fixtures. To avoid taking up valuable real estate in most facilities, Prism created the space-saving LED Mobile Showroom that allows for a roomful of LED product samples to be tested and evaluated for design projects.

How will it improve the show floor experience?
The LMS can be used as a product resource tool at various departments within an exhibit company, helping them build better illuminated exhibits that communicate their customers’ needs on the show floor.

The LMS offers the opportunity for exhibit builders to handle working LED light samples, plug them in to provided transformers and fully understand how each LED lighting product performs.

Most popular areas of application include:

  • Design or Resource Center
  • Creative Design Department
  • Estimating and Engineering Department
  • Production and Fabrication Floor
  • Company Showroom

Who will benefit most from the new product – the exhibitor or attendee?
Both. The LMS can be used a product resource tool at various departments within an exhibit company.

End-user benefits include:

  • Allows creative staff to understand LED fixtures and their capabilities at the beginning of the design phase;
  • Quick reference for estimating personnel; each item is coded and cross referenced with a Product Sales Binder;
  • Allows project manager and production staff to understand the physical characteristics of a fixture, so they can create construction details with assurance of correct fit;
  • End users can preview LED lighting products in advance of completion of an exhibit; and
  • The LMS is a one-stop resource center, saving time for all departments.


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